Hi my name is Rebecca, I am your dream girl, sweetly aged for 22 years . An exotic beauty standing 5 foot 2 inches with gorgeous features and natural assets. I live a very fit and healthy lifestyle. I have delicious breasts reaching the double D’s. Not only perky, but a beautiful youthful shape to them. My hard work has presented myself a firm apple-bottom.  I am a highly addictive package and have beautiful mysterious bedroom eyes.

Yes, I enjoy making men distracted by lust...

I present myself in a very high-class way. I am charming, affectionate, intelligent, charismatic, and open minded. I am definitely a catch. The girl next door, brilliant college student, with perverted thoughts. I love to be wrapped up in a gentleman's arms. 
I intend for our time to be refreshing and sensual in each every way. I am highly confident that you will be pleased, perhaps physically, emotionally, and even mentally. I will stimulate you every way possible. I am very attentive and open to please your desires.  I look forward to meeting you in person....




Fitness  |  I really love working out. Started taking it seriously when  I was 17. I wanted a "JLO" booty LOL. Now, I have one. I competed in a bikini competition and took home a few trophies as well. Now, it's part of my everyday life style! I currently practice pilates, classical ballet, and yoga.

Music  |  I love music. I am a fellow musician, I am classically trained and play around 5 instruments. Music for me is a way to express myself, to get lost in a different form of emotion, and to release stress with tunes and melodies that fill the air with joy. I do enjoy all kinds of music as long as it's quality. My favorite group is IL VOLO. 

Fine Arts |  I very much enjoy fine arts. I attend to local ballets, musicals, symphonies, theater shows, and art galleries. I am a fan of cultured and supporting local entertainers. It's such a beautiful thing to enjoy with great company.

Current Obsession: Hamilton (broadway show) 

Traveling  |  I LOVE TRAVELING! I currently live in the USA, but I always carry my passport on hand.  I have been all over Europe. ( London, Barcelona, Paris, Monte Carlo, Roma, Florence, Verona, Venice, Pisa, Antibes, Nice, Madrid, Amsterdam, Lucernce, Frankfurt,  The Vatican, Brussels,  Versailles, Athens)  I do want to expand my horizons even more by going to The Middle East, Australia, Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Hong Kong, Japan), and revisit Europe by attending more cities. I am multi-lingual, cultured, and knowledgeful of information of history and highlights of different countries. 

My favorite cities thus far are New York, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Roma, and London.

Likes  |  I love a great hygiene! A man that can smell nice, dress nice, clean room, and atmosphere. Neatly groomed men for me is SUCH A TURN ON! I also like romantic things, like candles, roses, sweet wines (ice wine is my favorite). I am a Red Sox fan and a Patriots fan. I enjoy relaxing and taking things easy, but I also enjoy having fun at a fast pace. I do LOVE fashion, movies, books, and TV shows. 

Dislikes  | I  am not of fan of someone who is impolite, rude, and with bad hygiene. I always appreciate a person who takes care of themselves as much as I do. I do not tolerate disrespect. 


Rebecca Pink  |  I am very attentive, sweet, charismatic, intelligent, caring, optimistic, talkative, passionate, and energetic!


1 Hour - for the busy gentleman $750
1.5 Hours (preferred minimum) $1000
2 Hours - no rush, just fun $1300
3 Hours -  Dinner date $1750
4 Hours -  The perfect encounter $2000
12 Hours - The extraordinary experience $5000

Longer Encounters

  • 24 hours| Adventure time                     $7500
  • 48 hours| A romantic getaway             $12500

A La Carte

  • PlusSomeExperience |                            Additional   $350
  • Couples|                                                  Additional   $200
  • Fetish|                                                     Additional   $400

Friends in LA  that I like to bring with are &

Play with me and my cousin $700 hourly each

All dates 4 hours or longer require a 25% deposit.

I understand things come up and cancellations need to be made.  I do have a cancellation policy/no show policy.  Cancellations made within a 72 hours have a $150 cancellation fee and same day cancellations have a $200 cancellation fee.  Thank you.

Please have your ID out so I may check it.
Please leave the donation in an unsealed envelope in the restroom.
Please do not negotiate or discuss money with me in person or via email.

I love to tour and always appreciate points on preferred411.

As much as I apprecaite all the sugar daddy/baby invites, I only see people at my donations listed above.  If you are asking for an exclusive arrangement and that would be 50k a month.  


Thank you for choosing to spend time with me.  I do require my contact form to be filled out in order to spend time together.  If you do not hear back from me within 8 hours of submitting a form, please email me a  I look forward to meeting you.

Current Availability:

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I am based in Los Angeles, but love to travel.  Please let me know if you would like to be added to my tour list.

Direct Email:

I prefer to have my form on my website filled out, but if you insist in emailing directly to request time together, please be sure to include all information requested on my appointment form  and send to

I accept

Reference Requests

Are you a companion in need of a reference for someone I've spent time with?  If so, please fill out my reference request form.



                                                                                          I am based in L.A., but I love to travel!

               I will travel to OC for a 2+ hour date and anywhere in California (San Diego, SJ, and SF) for a 3+ hour date. 

               I will  travel anywhere in the US for a 5 hour date or longer (plus flight and hotel)

               For International Dates - inquire.



                                                                                      SCHEDULED TOURS BELOW:


New York  Feb 25-28

New York May 1-7

Paris May 8-16

Cannes Film Festival May 17-28

Pamper Me

Gifts aren't expected as donations are already set but if you are a generous guy who loves to spoil the lady you are spending time with, then I will be happy to be pampered by you. I assure you that I would appreciate any thoughtful gift you decide to get me as it shows your effort by doing something that isn't required. So if you are wondering what stuff I like well here is a list of my favorite brands. 


  • Agent Provocateur
  • La Perla
  • Louboutin
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Giuseppe Zanotti
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Burberry
  • Tiffany&Co
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chanel
  • Prada
  • Hermes
  • Cartier
  • Points on

I also LOVE giftcards. I prefer Amazon, Sephora, and Victoria Secret.